ALKOTAS SZB60 Conveyor Belt Storage System

SZB-60 Conveyor belt storage system description:
In agricultural plants, for moving crops, there is this indispensable equipment of the conveyor belt storage system.
The conveyor belt is very useful when moving around agricultural bulk and bagged products.
Installation specific operational use includes, front- and back storage line mechanization of horizontal grainaries, bridging grainaries, or connecting other technological facilities together.
Operational restrictions regarding movable materials are as follows:
– max 35% moisture content of grain crops, and  materials stored in bulks,
– non mushy or pulpy or sticky, maximum 1.5 kg/dm3 gravimetric-density material
-maximum 100 mm grain size, free of corrosive effects

Conveyor belt storage system is suitable for:
– transporting horizontal or max100% elevation, bulk materials and /or grain crops
The Conveyor belt has a horizontally stable, module framework unit.
ALKOTÁS Kft. delivers the equipment with an open design, as long as the investor does not differ from it.
The Conveyor belt storage system has a capacity of 60t/h.

ALKOTÁS SZB-60 Conveyor belt storage system technical manual:

The Conveyor belt storage system’s main structural elements:
•    Head spin
•    Tapping end piece
•    Belt frame module
•    Strap

Auxiliary structural elements:
• Cover elements
• Receiving hopper
• Drop wagon – drop hopper
• Drifting wagon
• Spreading machine