ALKOTÁS Grader with Conveyor Belt

ALKOTÁS Grader is suitable for a 4- fraction separation in one round. It’s low power demand
pairing up with effective classification.
Orders can be tailored to meet individual specifications, as many as 5-fraction separation can be supported.
When placing an order for a Grading machine, it is optional to order it with a Conveyor belt.
We manufacture the belt in different length.The pictures show a conveyor belt at a 320 degree angle.
The Grader machine is fitting for separation and classification of dirt, stone, sawdust, granules,
and other medium and small size materials.

Grader key figures:
– Electric power usage:                          1,1 kW
– Measurements:
– Width:                                                   1050 mm
– Length:                                               4460 mm
– Height:                                                  1930 mm
– Size of the grading plates:         1000×2000 mm

Conveyor belt key figures:
– Electric power usage:                           0,75 kW
– Measurements:

– Width:                                                      400 mm
– Length: