ALKOTÁS H-60 U cylindrical sieve grain cleaning machine

The corresponding ALKOTÁS H-60 U cylindrical sieve grain cleaning machine replacement tilt adjustment and air adjustment for all crops – and for final cleaning.  The sieve surface utilization is improved, by using the kernel opener plates. Bringing up the crop seeds on the sidewall of the cylindrical sieve increases the cleaning capacity of the machine.

A cleaner for a four-pass fraction separation:

broken crop,  whole crop, dust, dirt
Machine capacity wheat pre-cleaning:               60 tons/h
Machine capacity corn pre-cleaning:                  40 tons/h

The machine is used for separating various crops, by crop specific weight, as well as for the removal of oversize and undersized material .

Key figures:
Electric capacity required:           5,85 kW
Podium dimensions:                                  2000×4000 mm
Built in cleaning heads measures:                 12m2   (6m2 dust sieve  – 6m2 crop sieve)