ALKOTÁS Sawdust classifier

ALKOTÁS  Sawdust classifier at most 4 are suitable for a faction’s separation in a procession (the machine which can be seen on the pictures the customer separate his request only 2 factions are suitable for his separation), beside the claim of a low performance is accompanied the efficient categorisation. The machine can be ordered according to unique claims, even 5 factions onto a separation opportunity yes. Classifier beside a machine there is an opportunity to order a conveyor belt, which one according to a claim longer – in a shorter variant produce. The machine suitable yet land, stone, granules, and onto the categorisation of other other medium and small sized substances, a separation.

Electric performance claim: 1,1 kW
His sizes:
– His width:
according to a claim shapable (max. 1750 mm, min. 920mm)
– His longitude:
according to a claim shapable (max. 5200 mm, min. 2000mm)
– His altitude:
according to a claim shapable (max. 2200 mm, min. 1500mm)
– The size of the classifier discs: 1000×2000 mm