Capacity Enhancement project

 Capacity-building investment at ALKOTÁS Kft.
– grant amount: 22.894.282 HUF
– aid rate (in%): 70%

ALKOTÁS Kft. Was established in 1989 and since then it has been in the service of farms, machinery manufacturers and agricultural entrepreneurs
by making perforated and fibreboard panels, manufacturing universal crop cleaning machines.
The mission of the company is to create cleaning machines that can be used as cleaning and cleaning agents for cleaning all grain mills. In Békés, the production is based on 1.5 hectares of self-owned industrial headquarters, which was founded by the founder in industrial design in West Germany.

In order to increase the sales revenue of the micro-enterprise and serve the market customers, highly skilled workers are needed, which is currently blocking the growth of exponentially increasing production needs.
Although the company is currently using a high-quality machine base, such as CNC machines, protective gas welders and metal brushing technologies, it is necessary to innovate and reorganize the manufacturing structure.
Within the project, 1 CNC controlled Plasmatic 2500 plasma cutting machine is purchased.
In order to operate and locate a production machine with additional production capacity, the modernization and transformation of a locksmith and assembling workshop, which is the property of the home (5630 Békés, Szent Pál line 1. 2300/1. Hrsz. It is necessary to remove asbestos containing more than 20 years of asphalt and corrugated slate and then cover it with a new sandwich panel, for thermal insulation and to protect from other weather conditions.

The investment allows for optimization and an increase in production volume, and capacity expansion.

Planned end date: 2016.11.15.

Project ID: GINOP-1.2.2-15-2015-01157i Optimization and Increasing Production Volume, Capacity Enhancement