Our company was founded on 20 May 1987.

My father, Csatári Béla, the former director of the company, took responsibility to establish the first privately owned corn seed processing plant in Kiskunhalas, implementing our company’s technology.
From the beginning our company has already manufactured and marketed crop cleansing, manipulating, and maze crumbling machines. In the first years, our main products were the cylinder cleaning machine and the Berico dryer’s inner seed cabinet, made to order for KITE.

The following years we have built dryers, and developed complete technologies for agricultural crop processing.

In 1992, our company’s profile expanded with tire trade and became one of the largest merchants in the Békés county Region by1994.

In 2001 this branch became Alkotás Tire Center, and these days it is called Partner Tire Center Kft.

Over the years we discontinued some productions, and we concentrated our efforts
on the manufacturing of our innovations, the crops cleaning machines,
the drive-through transit silos, and their additional extra elements.
Thus, cylindrical crops cleaning machines with a capacity of 15-60 t­/h have been developed,
along with the 20-120 m3– drive-through transit silos.

Our cleaning machines can be located in the Machine Catalog under section 3311 and 3313, and our transit containers are in the machine subcategory group 3914.

We manufacture sound-insulated and galvanized tubes, fittings, switchboards, clamps for maize cob.

Since 2005 we have been manufacturing and marketing environmentally certified closed air ventilation systems that have no stationary air-pollution sources.
These systems are inter-changeable to be installed with other crop cleaning machines (ALKOTÁS, PETKUS, SIGMA).

From day one we were traders of perforated and sieve plates.
We manufacture sieve plates, and sieve inserts that fit into all type of pelleting machine, grinder, and all type of crop cleaning machines, used in Hungary.

We are the largest distributors in the country of processed perforated plates.

Along with the gradual expansion of our product range, we have also modernized the machinery used for manufacturing:

  • production summary is made with CNC machines
  • welding with protective gas welding machines
  • the painting preparation is done with metal shot blasting
  • painting is done in a painting booth
    Thanks to the simple ownership structure, it was possible to create a modern technical production capacity.

    The change in our products and production capacities would not have been possible, without our properly trained,  highly skilled personnel.

    Thank you for taking interest in our company.

    We wish you a successful browsing on our site.


    Csatári Endre

    Managing Director