ALKOTAS Conveyor Belts


Az alábbi linkeken a már elkészült szalagjainkról láthat videókat és a képeket.

The ALKOTÁS conveyor belts are designed for moving all grain crops, various assorted materials, stone, powder, wood chips, sawdust, wood shavings, breakstone horizontally, or up to a 45 degree angle.
In accordance with the  pictures, the conveyor can be fixed or height-adjustable design.
In accordance with the pictures, the conveyor can be a fixed or a height-adjustable design.
The conveyor belts are made with straight conveyors tabs, bent tabs and cassettes.
Capacity:  always in accordance with individual requests 1-20 m3/h.
The size and the design of the loading and unloading gart is different, in accordance with individual requests.
-Pulley drive motor attachable to the axle,
-Chain driven pulley drive motor
– chain driven front-end drive motor

Main data
-electric power requirement                   0,55-4 kW
– frame length                                        2500-11000 mm
– frame width and height                        350×350 – 550×550 mm